Math Enrichment

The SAT Math Enrichment Program is a 10-week course with the purpose of preparing students to succeed in the math section of the SAT. Any student who has participated in the FE Program is invited to attend. The sessions start in January and are held for 2 hours every Saturday. The sessions have usually been held at Roberto Clemente Charter School in Allentown and include lunch for the students at the end of the class. The program enriches basic Math knowledge andl prepares the students for the math section of the SAT as well as to make a smooth transition into college level Math.

Students come into the program and are given a pre-test in order to gauge where the students’ mathematical skills are at the start of the program. Students also discuss the SAT and discover which areas require more coverage. The following 8 sessions serve to refresh students on the following:

  • Fundamentals: Basic Arithmetic, Fractions, Decimals, Exponents, Radicals
  • Algebra: Solving Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Solving Inequalities
  • Advanced Arithmetic: Ratios, Percentages, Averages, Probabilities
  • Geometry: Triangles, Angles, Formulas, Circles, Coordinates System, Graphing Linear Functions, Graphing Quadratic Functions

At the end of these 8 sessions, students are administered a post-test which determines the improvement that has been made. Students also get a chance to take a practice SAT test that will familiarize them with the test format and allow them to practice techniques.